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Vacation Rental Consulting

Let’s face it…the vacation rental landscape is ever- and fast- changing. Even for those of us immersed in it, it can be hard to keep up. Having trained and publicly spoken for media organizations and small businesses across the globe (U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, Mexico), it is clear that the biggest hurdle for most is knowing what and how to apply learnings to their business. This is no different for vacation rental owners.

There is no lack of available information to learn how to market and manage your home. In fact, it is quite the opposite. there are many amazing resources, but it can be overwhelming to digest. Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong when it comes to renting your vacation rental home. Everything is situational- that’s where the hospitality creator comes in.

Our Consulting Services include:

Grind Sessions.

These coaching sessions are tailored to you. Struggling in a particular area like pricing or automation? Just want to learn some tips and tricks on the platforms (otas) or other marketing sources? This 90-minute session is ideal for existing owners or managers to help you become a better, more efficient host. Coaching sessions start at $299.

listing tune-up.

Updated listings that help differentiate your home are critical to staying relevant and ranking. If you love working with guests and maintaining your home but dread being behind the computer, we’ll update your listing(s) on a monthly or one-time basis on multiple OTAs (ie Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, etc). Listing tune-ups start at $349.

the jump start.

This one’s all about you. We’ll review your goals, comfort level and your hosting style to create a custom strategy that will help you prepare for and manage your vacation rental. This includes defining your audience, evaluating how you’ll differentiate yourself and creating procedures and plans that work for you while creating an amazing guest experience. This is ideal for new vacation home owners or managers or for those who need to revamp their existing strategy. Pricing is customized based on individual needs.

If you have a situation not outlined above, custom scopes of work are also available. Consulting services are offered on their own or in conjunction with styling services.

 Currently, we accept consulting clients in North America and Australia.