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A dynamic pricing tool that helps you maximize revenue for your vacation rental. 

The main reasons I love, use and recommend it are:

  1. uUtilizes search demand on the OTAs to increase/ decrease pricing based on demand in order to stay in range for going market rate

  2. Dynamic pricing helps with search rankings on the OTAs

  3. It is more than just a pricing tools with settings such as "orphan day" and "far out bookings" that are all customizable

  4. Compared to other pricing tools, they do not take a % of revenue, there is flat, monthly pricing. 

Use code 3796r0 to receive $10 off your first month. 

An automated messaging system that is great for guest communication. Don't let automated messages scare you-they can still be personal!

The main reasons I love, use and recommend it are:

  1. Response time on Airbnb and HomeAway/ VRBO are critical and smartbnb will help you reply within seconds. Along with their "heart beat" calendar pings on Airbnb, this is incredibly helpful to help rankings

  2. Setup touch base communication leading up to, during and post-guest stays to help save you time. You can adjust messages to make more personal and/ or even pause messages for specific guests. 

Later allows you to plan and schedule social media posts. The main reasons I love, use and recommend it are:

  1. It allows you to schedule your posts and content in advance so you never have to miss a day

  2. You can visually see how your content will be laid out and ensure it looks cohesive;

  3. The basic plan for one account is FREE however they do have paid plans that are incredibly cost effective. 

A privacy safe noise monitoring system (it's like a smoke detector for noise)! 

The main reasons I love, use and recommend it are:

  1. The peace of mind it gives. Knowing that if noise levels begin to rise, you have the ability to know about it BEFORE it becomes an issue, is reassuring

  2. It's easy to setup and use!
Many people know Airbnb and Vrbo, but did you know is the most trafficked vacation rental site globally? Our studios are listed on and we’ve had some great reservations and guests come through. If you use the link above, you (and I) will get 5 commission-free bookings.

The main reasons I love, use and recommend it are:

  1. It attracts international guests.

  2. A variety of custom settings to ensure it works with your processes and comfortable level.

  3. Absolutely amazing customer support.

  4. Set commission structure so you know exactly how to adjust your rates for the platform!

Vacation Rental Glossary of Terms by Lodgify

vacation rental marketing blog by matt landau

  1. Here is a great summarization of the inner circle filmed at the vacation rental women’s summit in february 2019 in NOLA

The distinguished guest lists, blog and more by Alanna Schroeder

Vacation Rental Formula, Heather Bayer’s Podcast

Tyann Marcink for photography, websites and more

Lodgify Blog 

Vrolio (an “mls” for vacation rental properties)

Certified Vacation Rental Agent Certification
This is for the real estate agents out there! this course is created by industry experts Heather Bayer and Erica Muller.

  1. Teaches agents how to appropriately value a vacation rental property

  2. Great lead generator for agents wanting to capture the vacation rental opportunity